Training Proposal

screenshot of training proposal


The document linked above is a winning training proposal created for the Association of Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Design and Development Competition. It is a response to a fictional request for proposal by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum to establish customer service training for their employees and volunteers.

This was created for the second phase of the competition, when my teammate and I were paired with an instructional design mentor. Our concept was a training program branded At Bat for Customer Service that aligned with the four pillars of the museum’s mission.


I created all the graphics, put the proposal together, co-edited the document, and took the initial lead on drafting two thirds of the document.


This document was a collaborative effort between myself, Holly Greene, and our mentor Shauna Bona.


assessment, asynchronous, blended, collaboration, competition, consultation, desktop publishing, editing, eLearning, evaluation, face-to-face, instructional design, learning environments, multimedia for learning, presentation, theoretical knowledge, training proposal

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– updated 11/16/2018 –