Gamified Design Case

screenshot of Gamified Design Case


The document linked above is an instructional design project to create the layout of a game called Map the Terrain: Learn to Survive – and Thrive – in the Wilds of UT Grad School.

A design model, learner analysis, and task analysis were used to layout the goals, objectives, and instructional sequencing of this asynchronous learning game.


I co-created an instructional design case, supported by theoretical foundations, focused on a single, centralized online learning tool to help graduate students at UT Knoxville connect with all of the online resources available to them.


This document was part of a collaborative effort between myself, Jill Haynes, and Susannah Finley.


assessment, asynchronous, collaboration, design case, eLearning, evaluation, goals, game, instructional design, learner analysis, learning environments, objectives, online, task analysis, theoretical knowledge

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– updated 11/16/2018 –