Case Study Report & Lesson Plan


The document linked above is a report, lesson plan, and reflection based on a case study centered around copyright laws.

After introducing the original case study, a literature review was used to create the lesson plan. This included aspects such a presentation and breakout scenarios with research-based answers to help learners understand how copyright laws affect different contexts.


I co-created a lesson plan, co-presented instructional and learning activities, answered questions, and co-reflected on the facilitation of a class session.


This document was part of a collaborative effort between myself, Susannah Finley, Leslie Owle, and Kimberly Stafford.


assessment, case study, collaboration, distance education, evaluation, facilitation, implementation, instructional design, learning environments, multimedia for learning, personal reflection, presentation, synchronous, theoretical knowledge, video-conferencing, Zoom

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– updated 11/16/2018 –