Online Assessment & Evaluation Plan

screenshot of online assessment and evaluation plan


The document linked above is a collaborative online assessment and evaluation plan for a system-wide accessibility program.

After considering the instructional problem and learner characteristics, a learning environment with two major components was envisioned. The first would be a synchronous online workshop encompassing multiple technologies. The second would be an asynchronous follow-up activity hosted on an online discussion forum.


We outlined a design and evaluation plan for a workshop titled Information, Materials, and Technology (IMT) Accessibility Program Training. I drafted the body of our paper during meetings, co-edited the document, and took the lead in laying out the case scenarios within this program.


This document was part of a collaborative effort between myself, Jill Haynes, and Susannah Finley.


active listening, assessment, asynchronous, case scenarios, collaboration, discussion, distance education, editing, evaluation, instructional design, learning environments, online, synchronous, theoretical knowledge, workshop

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