Instructional Plan

screenshot of Instructional Plan


The document linked above is an instructional plan considering per-requisite skills, professional standards, learning objectives, course timeline, technology requirements, potential accommodations, and assessment for a course covering information needed to perform communications-related duties at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The course entails instructor-led synchronous meetings with collaborative breakout assignments, individual, asynchronous quizzes, and access to a discussion portal where participants can openly ask questions, share ideas, provide resources, ask for feedback, etc.


I created this framework for a distance education course titled Foundations of Communications at UT Knoxville after conducting interviews with an instructor and two students.


assessment, asynchronous, Canvas, collaboration, discussion, distance education, evaluation, instructional design, instructional plan, interviewing, learning environments, LMS, quizzes, synchronous, theoretical knowledge, video-conferencing, Zoom

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– updated 11/16/2018 –