Collaborative Policy on Group Work

screenshot of collaboratively written policy on group work


The document linked above was created at the beginning of a synchronous instructional technology course. It includes shared values and mutual expectations from 12 peers regarding late work, attendance, timelessness of responses, and peer communication.


I composed the thoughts of my classmates, editing as we discussed different points, to create a unanimously agreed upon collaborative written policy regarding group work.


This document was a collaborative effort among a dozen students. Those who consented to having their names listed include: Synthia Clark, Michael Derrick Gallagher, Juli Heaton, Jason Holloway, Makhosazana (Khosi) Lunga, Karrianne McPheron, Cindel Oakley, Jason Siburt, Christine Tidwell, and Kathy Zelem.


active listening, clarification, collaboration, editing, learning environments, synchronous, video-conferencing, Zoom

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– updated 11/16/2018 –